Prepare for 2017 with Current Medical Services

2017 promises to be another year of change for healthcare providers. There are several key programs that are likely to effect your practice. Current Medical Services now provides management consultation and billing support to practices in 17 states and is ready to assist your practice with these and other challenges.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • ACA plans often carry higher deductibles.
  • Current Medical Services can provide your practice with the tools needed to implement a modern patient collections system that is responsive to the higher deductibles created through the ACA.
  • Billing strategies include requiring deductibles up front, offering finance plans for expensive procedures and offering payment plans if patients can’t qualify for other alternatives.
  • Under the ACA, providers will be faced with the responsibility of reviewing the costs of various procedures and to have open dialogues with patients on affordability.


Quality Incentive Programs for 2017

Medicaid Meaningful Use


  • In 2017, all providers must attest to Modified Stage 2 objectives and measures using EHR technology certified to the 2014/2015 combination or 2015 edition.
  • Attestation is for a 90 day period or a full year.
  • For an Attestation guide for modified stage 2 click here.


  • Attestation is for a 90 day period.
  • 3 Categories:
    • Quality (Previously PQRS).
      • Report up to 6 measures.
    • Improvement Activities.
      • Report 2 medium weighted measures or 1 high weighted measure.
    • Advancing Care Information (previously core measures Meaningful Use).
      • Report mandatory measures .
        • 4 or 5 depending on EMR CEHRT.
      • Report up to 9 measures for additional credit.
      • Bonus credit for reporting to public health registries.
      • Does not need to be completed if no face to face encounters.

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