Patient Centered Medicine- What does this mean in WNC?

To state the obvious, the world of medicine is changing. Due to development in technology, the rate at which medicine is changing can be overwhelming. A lot of the time medicine is changing so quickly that attempting to tread the great waters of the medical ocean can leave one weary and burdened. Current Medical Services is the lifeboat you can depend on for rest.

Although many aspects of medicine are changing, one aspect remains the same: patient centered medicine is here to stay. Whether a patient is visiting for a routine exam or visiting in regards to a new concern about their health, having the right systems in place to ensure quality care is essential for patient centered medicine.

Western North Carolina is unique in many ways, but one way in which WNC is not unique is in the challenges health care professionals face to stimulate quality improvement. Quality, affordable, and coordinated care is challenging in many ways but far from impossible. One goal for patient centered care is to reduce the frequency of emergency room and hospital visits by providing continuing care for patients with chronic conditions. This goal is only made possible with the right foundations in place:

  • Quality providers and staff.
  • Utilization of a dependable Electronic Health Record System.
  • Knowledgeable and reliable revenue cycle management service.
  • Consistent communication as the key to coordination of care.
  • Patient centered care actions: Execute, Document, Track.

Let us here at Current Medical Services help you achieve your goals and preserve excellence in patient centered medicine. To see our services, please click here.